Refresh Your Store and Your Staff


If asked what a store fit out is used for, majority of people would respond with, displaying stock to customers. Without even thinking, this is the most obvious answer that would pop into people’s heads. However, after thinking a little bit deeper about the positives a good store fit out can create, there is a lot more than just sitting stock on them. Surprisingly, a store fit out can influence the staff morale within a business, encouraging enthusiasm and productivity within the working environment.

Here are 5 ways a good store fit out can encourage greater staff morale in the workplace.

Store Navigation

Whether you’re a shopper or an employee, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the product you need amongst the lines and lines of shelves. Visibility of stock it not only key to increased customer satisfaction, but is also central to promoting high levels of morale. When stock is difficult to find it can affect day-to-day efficiency, causing sales to suffer and friction amongst management and staff. By installing a high quality shop fitting, staff will easily be able to navigate around the store and find things with ease, rather than a struggle.

Replenishing Stock

In a retail store that has a high turnover of stock; it is very common that an employee may spend a bulk of their time at work, replenishing the stock on the shop floor. Having effective store fixtures where the staff is aware of product whereabouts will allow for a reduced amount of time spent on replenishing stock and allow for a greater rotation of tasks throughout the day, offering greater stimulation for staff.

Sales Process

Any good sales process is seamless and free of obstacles, encouraging the buyer to purchase and allowing staff to sell with ease. Employees will gain greater satisfaction in their job the more successful sales they make, boosting morale and customer satisfaction. A sales process can be made easier by the installation of a good store fit out, making it simpler for staff to transition customers from consideration to purchase.

Nature of Work

Every employee wishes to feel safe and comfortable in their work environment. If an employee is placed into a situation where they feel in danger or unsafe, immediately productivity will decrease. Ultimately, it is the employer's’ responsibility to put employees at ease and ensure that everyone’s safety is the primary focus at every point of the work day.

High quality shop fittings will have a reduced amount of defects compared to low quality fittings. Thus, will reduce the chances an employee injury and increase comfort at work.

Happy Customer = Happy Staff

We all know that a customer has the ability to make or break an employee’s happiness within a matter of seconds. Ultimately, a customer visits a store to find a product which suits their needs. The primary factors that keep a customer happy are sufficient stock levels and ease in finding their product. When these are met the store receives a high level of customer satisfaction. However, when a customer’s demands are unfulfilled, it is likely they will exert their disappointment onto staff, affecting morale.

A suitable store layout with high performing fixtures will promote customer satisfaction and staff morale.

It is well known that employee morale is crucial within the workplace. Through the implementation of high quality and safe store fit-outs, an employee will feel more comfortable at work and be able to assist customers in their purchasing. An employee will seek to find a job where they are most happy, increasing their likeliness to remain at that company, benefiting the employer with higher staff retention.

Do you feel like your store has low morale and retention? perhaps it’s time you reconsider the store layout and existing shelving displays. For more information on how store fit outs can help your business, give us a call on 8360 3363 today.

Angelique Upson