5 Tips for choosing the right Home Construction Contractor


Are you about to enter the world of trial and tribulations that is home construction? Don’t worry, as long as you’re taking the right approach from the beginning you will limit a lot of headaches in the future. Building contractors are a handy asset if your home construction project is turning out to be too big of a job to handle on your own. One way to make sure the outcome of your home project is a successful one is by locking down a first-rate building contractor. So how will you know who to choose and how to approach this?

Here are 5 handy tips to get your stress-free project off the ground:

1. Make sure the contractor is licensed to work & is insured

Having a building license demonstrates a contractor's credibility and knowledge. The license shows that contractors have the proper industry experience, qualifications and have passed financial/criminal tests. Making sure the contractor is insured can protect you by limiting your liability from such things as losing your deposit, not finishing the job or it’s defective, and if death, disappearance or bankruptcy occurs.

2. Pick a contractor who’s right for your project

Finding the right contractor can sometimes be a large task but it's important you do your research and find a building contractor that has experience in the home construction project that you are planning. For example a building contractor that has completed numerous bathroom renovations in the past will enable them to address potential problems correctly and perform the work more efficiently.

Your pick should suit the way you work and your schedule. They should hear your ideas, but balance them with practicality, functionality and affordability. If you don't want workers showing up before a certain time, staying past a certain hour, using your bathroom, or you need to have the project finished by a specific date, make sure you bring all of this up with the contractor to make sure you are both will be on the same page.

3. Inspect previous work

If the building contractor has a portfolio of any new homes, renovations, restorations or whatever your construction project may be, it is always a great idea to give these a look over to make sure they are able to complete what you are trying to achieve and see how creative they are, who knows it may spark new ideas for your project!

4. Sign a detailed contract

The contract can cover costs, materials, project dates and project specifications. The more detail that is provided in the contract means less surprises in the future. The contract is an expectation setting and will provide both parties with the security of knowing the finished product will be the one agreed upon from the start but if it isn’t, and it’s not documented, then you may have some trouble.

5. Ask the question - Do you get along?

Your new home construction project, depending on the size, could go for some time. In which case you may be communicating with your building contractor quite a lot. Having a positive rapport with them is therefore very advantageous as you will be investing a great deal of time and money in them. So, go with your gut and if you starting to feel like this could to be a risky venture or you’re already seeing red flags it could be time to move on to someone else.

Now that you have the right approach to finding a great building contractor, it’s time to put your plan into action. Make a start by contacting Samico using our contacts page. We are licensed to build in every state in Australia and, with 30 years practical experience, are always excited to engage with new prospective clients and construction projects.

Angelique Upson