5 Signs that Indicate a need for a New Fit Out


No matter how trendy your products are, if they live in an outdated space, your store and brand will scream old-fashioned.

At Samico, we often recommend clients to critically evaluate their store experience from the perspective of their customers and store staff. Here are five signs that indicate a need for a new fit out.

1. Bad Lighting

Bad lighting kills sales. Simple as that. If it’s electricity you’re trying to save, this is not the area to skimp on. Lighting dictates mood and tone of the store experience and creates important visual cues to what customers should pay attention to. With the availability of LEDs and control technology, stores now have so many options at their disposal to draw customers and enhance the shopping experience.

2. Confusing Layout

Crowding issues, inadequate signage, narrow walkways… these are all signs of a store maze. You want the shopping experience to be dynamic and full of surprises, but it’s important to strike the right balance. Too much and your customer will be confused and annoyed, too little and they’ll be easily bored.

The most important factor to consider is store traffic flow. Because 90% of people are right-handed and therefore right-footed, most people turn right upon entering a store and navigate in a counter-clockwise fashion. The ideal space should cater for this behaviour and maintain a degree of order and logic.

3. No rest stops

The biggest mistake people make is cramming as many products as possible to maximise sales. If there’s too much clutter, consider visual breaks. These are ‘rest stops’ where customers can get their bearings, find relief from the monotony of shelf browsing, and engage deeper with your brand.

4. Furniture

Your in-store furniture ensemble also affects your brand identity. Examine every piece in your store. Your products may be fantastic but they will be greatly undermined if showcased against tired and drab furniture.

The check-out counter is one of the most underrated elements of your ensemble. Countertops should be spacious enough to accommodate handbags and paperwork for more efficient transactions.

5. Morale

Another telling sign of a poor space is low staff morale. Working in an uninspiring space can be demoralising. A store revamp can greatly boost staff morale as it sends out a message that you’re also investing in their enjoyment of space. ‘Happy customer, happy life’ can’t be possible without the foundation of happy employees.

Check your blind spot

Not adapting your retail space to contemporary styles is one of the biggest blind spots for a brand. To avoid this, it’s important to look past the sales signs and put yourself in the shoes of your customers and employees, the ones that interact with your store every day.

Angelique Upson