Great Retail Design Means Great Customer Experience

Bringing in the customers is about so much more than stocking the right products. A well-designed, great looking store creates a place people want to visit.

With competition coming at us from all directions these days, we need to be ahead of the game to stay on top. Your store design plays a major part in the decisions your customers make.

First of all, are you drawing them into your store or are they just idly strolling by? Once they are in your store are they browsing, are they impulse purchasing or do they walk out with nothing?

These are the questions which are vital to your survival as a successful retailer.

Retail these days is about the whole experience. Shoppers like to browse, they want to see new things and experience new products. Your store needs to give them a place to do this. To guide them through the aisles and draw their attention to shelves and displays.

The latest trends in commercial fit-out are doing just this, creating the right atmosphere, the right aesthetics for your product lines and generating a sense of belonging for the customer – a place they want to be and will return on a loyal basis.

Technology is playing a major part, with digital display screens, shelf screens and LCD walls all bringing retail well into the new millennium. If it all sounds a bit too over-whelming, SAMICO is a great place to start.

With talented designers, innovative construction and fit-out solutions, SAMICO is abreast of the latest trends and really cares about making your store stand out a mile above the competition. SAMICO believes in starting at the beginning.

Think about who your main target audience is, the nature of your business and what will work best in your local area. Are you in a shopping village or shopping mall? What functionality does your store require and how can you best utilise the space you have? SAMICO can help you answer these and other questions. We work within your budget guidelines to re-birth your store and start generating the customers and the profits you are looking for.

Bringing the latest trends into your store needn’t break the annual budget. You’d be surprised what a freshen-up can do - a change to your shelving design, a new-look ceiling and some cleverly placed display units and presto – your store is revitalised and drawing in passing traffic.

Angelique Upson