You may not realise just what a difference a professionally designed shop fit-out can make to your customers, your image and your bottom line. How many customers have you watched pass your store? How many customers have walked into your store, browsed around and left empty-handed? Stand back and take a good hard look at...
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Tired Old Living Spaces Re-birthed. It’s the New Space Age!

With inner-suburban land prices soaring to impossible heights, spaces previously ignored are being examined and rebirthing is becoming all the rage. It could be anywhere - as long as it’s where you want to be. Factories and warehouses, even churches, have long been the focus of many keen renovators, but now people are searching further...
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Great Retail Design Means Great Customer Experience

Bringing in the customers is about so much more than stocking the right products. A well-designed, great looking store creates a place people want to visit. With competition coming at us from all directions these days, we need to be ahead of the game to stay on top. Your store design plays a major part...
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Refresh Your Store and Your Staff

How a fit-out can improve staff morale and retention If asked what a store fit out is used for, majority of people would respond with, displaying stock to customers. Without even thinking, this is the most obvious answer that would pop into people’s heads. However, after thinking a little bit deeper about the positives a...
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