The Deck - Southbank, Melbourne

A stylishly modern fitting for one of Melbourne's cutting-edge restaurants

The Deck prides itself on providing a unique experience for their diners. The team at The Deck knew exactly what fittings, decor and even joinery they wanted. Starting with some client supplied designs, and an empty shop, Samico took charge of the complete restaurant fit out, from the stone floors to the electrical requirements and everything in their ceilings. Their exceptionally contemporary designs, both inside and out, was a new challenge for us. We met their challenge with Samico's trademark professionalism and quality. We installed everything to precise client specifications, including a large sliding feature door, wine racks, and custom spotted gum wood work. They liked the final result so much, they shouted us dinner!

 Key Project Items

  • Customised Interior
  • Decking
  • Feature sliding door
  • Custom wood work


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