Chemist King - Bayside

Professional quality shines through strict budgets and deadlines.

Chemist King Bayside's job came with steadfast deadlines and budgets. At Samico, we never shy away from providing quality even under pressure. We got all the planning permits and paperwork in order before we demolished the existing space. We altered structure of the shop to support amenities for a new staff area. We took to creating their new scripts in/out counter, perfume racks and custom product storage for pharmaceutical items including floor gondolas. Samico knows a business' brand is vital to the way they do business. From the windows, audio system, handicap railings and to the racks, nothing was finished unless it matched Chemist King's prominent yellow branding. It's just another way how we cater to your specific needs at competitive prices.

 Key Project Items

  • Full shop defit
  • Planning and documentation paperwork
  • Structural alteration
  • Racks and shelving
  • Custom benches and counters

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