Great Retail Design Means Great Customer Experience

Bringing in the customers is about so much more than stocking the right products. A well-designed, great looking store creates a place people want to visit. With competition coming at us from all directions these days, we need to be ahead of the game to stay on top. Your store design plays a major part...
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Refresh Your Store and Your Staff

How a fit-out can improve staff morale and retention If asked what a store fit out is used for, majority of people would respond with, displaying stock to customers. Without even thinking, this is the most obvious answer that would pop into people’s heads. However, after thinking a little bit deeper about the positives a...
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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Home Construction Contractor

MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE AT THE START WILL LEAD TO THE BEST RESULTS Are you about to enter the world of trial and tribulations that is home construction? Don’t worry, as long as you’re taking the right approach from the beginning you will limit a lot of headaches in the future. Building contractors are a...
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5 signs that indicate a need for a new fit out

Knowing the signs that indicate a need for a new fit out
Do you know what signs you should be looking out for? No matter how trendy your products are, if they live in an outdated space, your store and brand will scream old-fashioned. At Samico, we often recommend clients to critically evaluate their store experience from the perspective of their customers and store staff. Here are...
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